Rideshare Lux

So, Lyft has come out with the Lux Edition , Lyft Lux. If you go to my website lyftlux.us, you will get a lot of good information there. If you want to join Lyft and you have questions, specifically about the luxury category. I drive in both Lyft lux and Uberlux, so I can share a wealth of information with you how to get those clients and how nurture those clients. So, I’m available 365 days a year ladies and gentlemen. You have my number and my email underneath the video. If you want to go straight through to the website Lyftlux.us, I have the link beneath this video and there’s truly no question that I haven’t heard so 99% of the time I can answer your questions specifically on Lyft lux. Thank you, have a great day.

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